Drake's Seat St. Thomas Virgin Islands

Sir Francis Drake Drake was born in Tavistock, England around the year 1540. He was the first Englishman to sail around the world and was the second to be commanded to fight against the Spanish Armada in 1588. Between the years of 1570 and 1571, Drake had made a successful voyage to the West Indies and acquired many treasures from the defeated spanish colonies. He had gained an outstanding reputation back home in England. He used what is now called Drake's Seat (on the north side of St. Thomas) to spy for unsuspecting ships, making their way through the channel, to pillage for the Queen of England. In 1585, he returned for a second attempt at bringing goods home from the West Indies. This time the Spaniards were better prepared and his trip turned into a disaster. In his loss to the Spaniards his reputation waned. In 1596 he died from fever and was buried at sea off the coast of Puerto Rico. His lookout was later designated "Drake's Seat" and to this day is still a major tourist attraction . There is also the "Sir Francis Drake Channel" which is a strait separting Tortola from the smaller islands to the south.